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hib·bîṭ — 3 Occurrences

Numbers 23:21
HEB: לֹֽא־ הִבִּ֥יט אָ֙וֶן֙ בְּיַעֲקֹ֔ב
NAS: He has not observed misfortune
KJV: He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob,
INT: Nor observed misfortune Jacob

Psalm 33:13
HEB: מִ֭שָּׁמַיִם הִבִּ֣יט יְהוָ֑ה רָ֝אָ֗ה
NAS: The LORD looks from heaven; He sees
KJV: The LORD looketh from heaven;
INT: heaven looks the LORD sees

Psalm 102:19
HEB: אֶל־ אֶ֬רֶץ הִבִּֽיט׃
NAS: the LORD gazed upon the earth,
KJV: did the LORD behold the earth;
INT: upon the earth gazed

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