5027. nabat
Strong's Concordance
nabat: to look
Original Word: נָבַט
Part of Speech: verb
Transliteration: nabat
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-bat')
Short Definition: look
[נָבַט] verb Pi`el, Hiph`il look (Late Hebrew Pi`el id.; Arabic is well or issue forth (of water). Assyrian nabâ‰u is shine DlHWB 443; Sabean epithet נבט protector (?literally looking with consideration upon MordtZMG xxx. 1876, 37); proper name נבטאל God has seen, i.e. considered Levy-OsZMG xix. 1865, 231); —

Pi`el Perfect consecutive וְנִבַּט Isaiah 5:30 look (literally), followed by לְ.

Hiph`il Perfect הִבִּיט Numbers 21:9 3t.; וְהִבַּטְתָּ֫ 1 Samuel 2:32, etc.; Imperfect יַבִּיט Numbers 12:8 4t.; וַיַּבֵּט 1 Samuel 17:42 4t., etc.; Imperative הַבֵּט 1 Kings 18:43 +; הַבֵּיט Psalm 142:5 (or Infinitive absolute), compare Lamentations 5:1 Kt; הַבִּ֫יטָה Psalm 13:4 +, etc.; Infinitive construct הַבִּיט Exodus 3:6 +, etc.; Participle מַבִּיט Psalm 104:32; — look: 1 literally,

a. human subject, followed by אֶלֿ Exodus 3:6 (E), Numbers 21:9 (JE), Isaiah 8:22 ("" מָּנָה לְמָ֑עְלָה Isaiah 8:21), compare Isaiah 51:6, Jonah 2:5; followed by עַלֿ Habakkuk 2:15; followed by אַחֲרֵי Genesis 19:17,26 (J), Exodus 33:8 (E), 1 Samuel 24:9; followed by ָ  ה locative, Genesis 15:5 (שָׁמַ֫יְמָה), compare Job 35:5 (שָׁמַיִם); followed by דֶּרֶחיָֿם 1 Kings 18:43; followed by accusative = look upon, behold Numbers 12:8 (E), Isaiah 38:11; absolute Job 6:19; 1 Samuel 17:42 ("" רָאָה), 1 Kings 18:43; 1 Kings 19:6 (followed by הִנֵּה), 1 Chronicles 21:21 ("" רָאָה), so Psalm 22:18.

b. subject eagle, absolute Job 39:29 (followed by adverb לְמֵרָחוֺק).

2 figurative: followed by אֶל regard, shew regard to 1 Samuel 16:7 (אֶלמַֿרְאֵהוּ), compare 2 Kings 3:14 ("" רָאָה); pay attention to, followed by אֶלֿ Isaiah 22:8; = consider Isaiah 51:1,2; look unto ׳י, followed by אֶלֿ Psalm 34:6 (read Imperative plural ᵐ5 ᵑ6 Che), Isaiah 22:11; Zechariah 12:10; compare Psalm 119:6 followed by אֶלכָּֿלמִֿצְוֺת; compare also Job 36:25 (absolute, followed by מֵרָחוֺק); followed by accusative אֹרְחֹתֶיךָ Psalm 119:15, compare Psalm 119:18, Isaiah 5:12; followed by accusative אָוֶן Numbers 23:21 ("" רָאָה); subject עֵינִי, ׳וַתַּבֵּט בְּשׁוּרַי בְּ Psalm 92:12 see its desire upon, gloat over (compare רָאָה בְּ), different 1 Samuel 2:32; followed by accusative adverb Psalm 142:5 (יָמִין to the right; "" רָאָה); absolute Isaiah 42:18 (followed by לִרְאוֺת of purpose); Isaiah 63:5; Habakkuk 1:5 ("" רָאָה), so Psalm 91:8 (בְּעֵינֶיךָ), compare Proverbs 4:25, followed by לְֹנכַח (subject עֵינֶיךָ; "" יַיְשִׁרוּ נֶגְדֶּ֑ךָ).

3 subject ׳י: followed by אֶל + מִשָּׁמַיִם Psalm 102:20; followed by אֶלֿ = look upon, i.e. endure to see Habakkuk 1:13 ("" רָאָה); so followed by accusative Habakkuk 1:13, compare Habakkuk 1:3 (or causative Ew; "" תַּרְאֵנִי); followed by לְ, Psalm 104:32; Job 28:24; Psalm 74:20 (לַבְּרִיתּ); followed by accusative Isaiah 64:8 ("" הֵן), Lamentations 3:63; Psalm 10:14 ("" רָאָה); = regard, shew regard to, Amos 5:22; Psalm 84:10; Lamentations 4:16, compare Psalm 13:4; followed by אֶלֿ id. Isaiah 66:2; absolute Psalm 94:9 i.e. have power of sight, Isaiah 18:4; followed by מִשָּׁמַיִם Psalm 33:13; Psalm 80:15; Isaiah 63:15 ( "" רָאָה), Lamentations 1:11 ("" רָאָה), so Lamentations 1:12; Lamentations 2:20; Lamentations 5:1.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
cause to behold, consider, look down, regard, have respect, see

A primitive root; to scan, i.e. Look intently at; by implication, to regard with pleasure, favor or care -- (cause to) behold, consider, look (down), regard, have respect, see.

Forms and Transliterations
אַבִּ֔יט אַבִּ֥יט אַבִּֽיט׃ אביט אביט׃ בְּ֝הַבִּיטִ֗י בהביטי הִ֭בִּיטוּ הִבִּ֣יט הִבִּ֣יטוּ הִבִּ֥יט הִבִּֽיט׃ הִבַּטְתֶּם֙ הַבִּ֔יטָה הַבִּ֖יט הַבִּ֙יטוּ֙ הַבִּ֣יטָֽה הַבִּ֣יטוּ הַבִּ֥יטוּ הַבֵּ֣ט הַבֵּ֤ט הַבֵּ֤יט הַבֵּ֥ט הַבֶּט־ הַבִּ֖יטָה הַמַּבִּ֣יט הבט הבט־ הבטתם הביט הביט׃ הביטה הביטו המביט וְ֝אַבִּ֗יטָה וְ֝הַבֵּ֗ט וְֽהַבִּ֔יטָה וְֽהַבִּ֔יטוּ וְֽהַבִּ֧יטוּ וְאַבִּ֑יטָה וְאַבִּ֣יטָה וְאַבִּיט֙ וְהִבִּ֙יטוּ֙ וְהִבִּ֛יט וְהִבִּ֥יטוּ וְהִבַּטְתָּ֙ וְהַבִּ֥יט וְנִבַּ֤ט וַיַּבֵּ֔ט וַיַּבֵּ֕ט וַיַּבֵּ֤ט וַיַּבֵּ֧ט וַתַּבֵּ֥ט וַתַּבֵּט֙ ואביט ואביטה והבט והבטת והביט והביטה והביטו ויבט ונבט ותבט יַ֝בִּ֗יטוּ יַבִּ֑יט יַבִּ֑יטוּ יַבִּ֔יטוּ יַבִּ֥יט יַבִּֽיט׃ יַבִּֽיטוּ׃ יביט יביט׃ יביטו יביטו׃ לְהַבִּ֔יט לְהַבִּיטָ֑ם להביט להביטם מֵהַבִּ֖יט מהביט תַּבִּ֔יט תַּבִּ֣יט תַּבִּיט֮ תַּבֵּ֧ט תַבִּ֑יט תַבִּיט֙ תבט תביט ’ab·bîṭ ’abbîṭ abBit bə·hab·bî·ṭî behabbiTi bəhabbîṭî hab·bêṭ hab·beṭ- hab·bî·ṭāh hab·bî·ṭū hab·bîṭ habBeit habbet habbêṭ habbeṭ- habBit habbîṭ habBitah habbîṭāh habBitu habbîṭū ham·mab·bîṭ hammabBit hammabbîṭ hib·baṭ·tem hib·bî·ṭū hib·bîṭ hibbatTem hibbaṭtem hibBit hibbîṭ Hibbitu hibbîṭū lə·hab·bî·ṭām lə·hab·bîṭ lehabBit ləhabbîṭ lehabbiTam ləhabbîṭām mê·hab·bîṭ mehabBit mêhabbîṭ tab·bêṭ tab·bîṭ ṯab·bîṭ tabBet tabbêṭ tabBit tabbîṭ ṯabbîṭ vaiyabBet vattabBet veabBit veabBitah vehabBet vehabBit vehabBitah vehabBitu vehibbatTa vehibBit vehibBitu venibBat wat·tab·bêṭ wattabbêṭ way·yab·bêṭ wayyabbêṭ wə’abbîṭ wə’abbîṭāh wə·’ab·bî·ṭāh wə·’ab·bîṭ wə·hab·bêṭ wə·hab·bî·ṭāh wə·hab·bî·ṭū wə·hab·bîṭ wə·hib·baṭ·tā wə·hib·bî·ṭū wə·hib·bîṭ wə·nib·baṭ wəhabbêṭ wəhabbîṭ wəhabbîṭāh wəhabbîṭū wəhibbaṭtā wəhibbîṭ wəhibbîṭū wənibbaṭ yab·bî·ṭū yab·bîṭ yabBit yabbîṭ yabBitu yabbîṭū
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 5027
69 Occurrences

’ab·bîṭ — 4 Occ.
bə·hab·bî·ṭî — 1 Occ.
hab·bêṭ — 1 Occ.
hab·beṭ- — 7 Occ.
hab·bîṭ — 1 Occ.
hab·bî·ṭāh — 3 Occ.
hab·bî·ṭū — 4 Occ.
ham·mab·bîṭ — 1 Occ.
hib·baṭ·tem — 1 Occ.
hib·bîṭ — 3 Occ.
hib·bî·ṭū — 2 Occ.
lə·hab·bîṭ — 1 Occ.
lə·hab·bî·ṭām — 1 Occ.
mê·hab·bîṭ — 1 Occ.
tab·bêṭ — 1 Occ.
tab·bîṭ — 5 Occ.
way·yab·bêṭ — 5 Occ.
wat·tab·bêṭ — 3 Occ.
wə·’ab·bîṭ — 1 Occ.
wə·’ab·bî·ṭāh — 3 Occ.
wə·hab·bêṭ — 1 Occ.
wə·hab·bîṭ — 1 Occ.
wə·hab·bî·ṭāh — 2 Occ.
wə·hab·bî·ṭū — 2 Occ.
wə·hib·baṭ·tā — 1 Occ.
wə·hib·bîṭ — 1 Occ.
wə·hib·bî·ṭū — 2 Occ.
wə·nib·baṭ — 1 Occ.
yab·bîṭ — 5 Occ.
yab·bî·ṭū — 4 Occ.

Genesis 15:5
HEB: הַח֗וּצָה וַיֹּ֙אמֶר֙ הַבֶּט־ נָ֣א הַשָּׁמַ֗יְמָה
NAS: Now look toward the heavens,
KJV: and said, Look now toward heaven,
INT: outside and said look Now the heavens

Genesis 19:17
HEB: נַפְשֶׁ֔ךָ אַל־ תַּבִּ֣יט אַחֲרֶ֔יךָ וְאַֽל־
NAS: for your life! Do not look behind
KJV: thy life; look not behind thee,
INT: your life not look behind not

Genesis 19:26
HEB: וַתַּבֵּ֥ט אִשְׁתּ֖וֹ מֵאַחֲרָ֑יו
NAS: from behind him, looked [back], and she became
KJV: But his wife looked back from behind him,
INT: looked his wife behind

Exodus 3:6
HEB: כִּ֣י יָרֵ֔א מֵהַבִּ֖יט אֶל־ הָאֱלֹהִֽים׃
NAS: for he was afraid to look at God.
KJV: for he was afraid to look upon God.
INT: for was afraid to look at God

Exodus 33:8
HEB: פֶּ֣תַח אָהֳל֑וֹ וְהִבִּ֙יטוּ֙ אַחֲרֵ֣י מֹשֶׁ֔ה
NAS: of his tent, and gaze after
KJV: door, and looked after
INT: the entrance of his tent and gaze after Moses

Numbers 12:8
HEB: וּתְמֻנַ֥ת יְהוָ֖ה יַבִּ֑יט וּמַדּ֙וּעַ֙ לֹ֣א
NAS: and not in dark sayings, And he beholds the form
KJV: of the LORD shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid
INT: the form of the LORD beholds Why not

Numbers 21:9
HEB: אֶת־ אִ֔ישׁ וְהִבִּ֛יט אֶל־ נְחַ֥שׁ
NAS: any man, when he looked to the bronze
KJV: any man, when he beheld the serpent
INT: A serpent any looked about serpent

Numbers 23:21
HEB: לֹֽא־ הִבִּ֥יט אָ֙וֶן֙ בְּיַעֲקֹ֔ב
NAS: He has not observed misfortune
KJV: He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob,
INT: Nor observed misfortune Jacob

1 Samuel 2:32
HEB: וְהִבַּטְתָּ֙ צַ֣ר מָע֔וֹן
NAS: You will see the distress
KJV: And thou shalt see an enemy
INT: will see the distress of dwelling

1 Samuel 16:7
HEB: שְׁמוּאֵ֗ל אַל־ תַּבֵּ֧ט אֶל־ מַרְאֵ֛הוּ
NAS: to Samuel, Do not look at his appearance
KJV: unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance,
INT: Samuel not look at his appearance

1 Samuel 17:42
HEB: וַיַּבֵּ֧ט הַפְּלִשְׁתִּ֛י וַיִּרְאֶ֥ה
NAS: When the Philistine looked and saw
KJV: And when the Philistine looked about, and saw
INT: looked the Philistine and saw

1 Samuel 24:8
HEB: אֲדֹנִ֣י הַמֶּ֑לֶךְ וַיַּבֵּ֤ט שָׁאוּל֙ אַֽחֲרָ֔יו
NAS: And when Saul looked behind
KJV: And when Saul looked behind
INT: my lord the king looked Saul behind

1 Kings 18:43
HEB: עֲלֵֽה־ נָא֙ הַבֵּ֣ט דֶּֽרֶךְ־ יָ֔ם
NAS: Go up now, look toward the sea.
KJV: Go up now, look toward
INT: Go now look toward the sea

1 Kings 18:43
HEB: יָ֔ם וַיַּ֙עַל֙ וַיַּבֵּ֔ט וַיֹּ֖אמֶר אֵ֣ין
NAS: So he went up and looked and said,
KJV: And he went up, and looked, and said,
INT: the sea went and looked and said There

1 Kings 19:6
HEB: וַיַּבֵּ֕ט וְהִנֵּ֧ה מְרַאֲשֹׁתָ֛יו
NAS: Then he looked and behold,
KJV: And he looked, and, behold, [there was] a cake
INT: looked and behold his head

2 Kings 3:14
HEB: נֹשֵׂ֑א אִם־ אַבִּ֥יט אֵלֶ֖יךָ וְאִם־
NAS: of Judah, I would not look at you nor
KJV: of Judah, I would not look toward thee, nor see
INT: regard nor look at nor

1 Chronicles 21:21
HEB: עַד־ אָרְנָ֑ן וַיַּבֵּ֤ט אָרְנָן֙ וַיַּ֣רְא
NAS: to Ornan, Ornan looked and saw David,
KJV: to Ornan, Ornan looked and saw David,
INT: against to Ornan looked Ornan and saw

Job 6:19
HEB: הִ֭בִּיטוּ אָרְח֣וֹת תֵּמָ֑א
NAS: of Tema looked, The travelers
KJV: of Tema looked, the companies
INT: looked the caravans of Tema

Job 28:24
HEB: לִקְצוֹת־ הָאָ֣רֶץ יַבִּ֑יט תַּ֖חַת כָּל־
NAS: For He looks to the ends of the earth
KJV: For he looketh to the ends
INT: to the ends of the earth looks under everything

Job 35:5
HEB: הַבֵּ֣ט שָׁמַ֣יִם וּרְאֵ֑ה
NAS: Look at the heavens and see;
KJV: Look unto the heavens, and see;
INT: Look the heavens and see

Job 36:25
HEB: ב֑וֹ אֱ֝נ֗וֹשׁ יַבִּ֥יט מֵרָחֽוֹק׃
NAS: have seen it; Man beholds from afar.
KJV: it; man may behold [it] afar off.
INT: have seen man beholds afar

Job 39:29
HEB: לְ֝מֵרָח֗וֹק עֵינָ֥יו יַבִּֽיטוּ׃
NAS: out food; His eyes see [it] from afar.
KJV: [and] her eyes behold afar off.
INT: afar his eyes see

Psalm 10:14
HEB: עָ֘מָ֤ל וָכַ֨עַס ׀ תַּבִּיט֮ לָתֵ֪ת בְּיָ֫דֶ֥ךָ
NAS: You have seen [it], for You have beheld mischief
KJV: Thou hast seen [it]; for thou beholdest mischief
INT: mischief and vexation have beheld to take your hand

Psalm 13:3
HEB: הַבִּ֣יטָֽה עֲ֭נֵנִי יְהוָ֣ה
NAS: Consider [and] answer me, O LORD
KJV: Consider [and] hear me, O LORD
INT: Consider answer LORD

Psalm 22:17
HEB: עַצְמוֹתָ֑י הֵ֥מָּה יַ֝בִּ֗יטוּ יִרְאוּ־ בִֽי׃
NAS: my bones. They look, they stare
KJV: all my bones: they look [and] stare
INT: my bones They look stare

69 Occurrences

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