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ḵā·hă·lîn — 2 Occurrences

Daniel 5:8
HEB: מַלְכָּ֑א וְלָֽא־ כָהֲלִ֤ין כְּתָבָא֙ לְמִקְרֵ֔א
NAS: came in, but they could not read
KJV: wise [men]: but they could not
INT: the king's not could the inscription read

Daniel 5:15
HEB: לְהוֹדָעֻתַ֑נִי וְלָֽא־ כָהֲלִ֥ין פְּשַֽׁר־ מִלְּתָ֖א
NAS: known to me, but they could not declare
KJV: unto me the interpretation thereof: but they could not
INT: and make not could the interpretation of the message

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