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yiṣ·‘aq — 4 Occurrences

Exodus 22:23
HEB: אִם־ צָעֹ֤ק יִצְעַק֙ אֵלַ֔י שָׁמֹ֥עַ
KJV: and they cry at all unto me, I will surely
INT: if cry cry to will surely

Exodus 22:27
HEB: וְהָיָה֙ כִּֽי־ יִצְעַ֣ק אֵלַ֔י וְשָׁמַעְתִּ֖י
NAS: about that when he cries out to Me, I will hear
KJV: wherein shall he sleep? and it shall come to pass, when he crieth unto me, that I will hear;
INT: shall come when cries to will hear

Isaiah 42:2
HEB: לֹ֥א יִצְעַ֖ק וְלֹ֣א יִשָּׂ֑א
NAS: He will not cry out or raise
KJV: He shall not cry, nor lift up,
INT: Nor cry Nor raise

Isaiah 46:7
HEB: יָמִ֑ישׁ אַף־ יִצְעַ֤ק אֵלָיו֙ וְלֹ֣א
NAS: Though one may cry to it, it cannot
KJV: shall he not remove: yea, [one] shall cry unto him, yet can he not answer,
INT: move Though may cry about cannot

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