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ū·lə·’ā·ḏām — 2 Occurrences

Genesis 2:20
HEB: חַיַּ֣ת הַשָּׂדֶ֑ה וּלְאָדָ֕ם לֹֽא־ מָצָ֥א
KJV: of the field; but for Adam there was not found
INT: beast of the field the man not found

Ecclesiastes 2:21
HEB: וּבְדַ֖עַת וּבְכִשְׁר֑וֹן וּלְאָדָ֞ם שֶׁלֹּ֤א עָֽמַל־
NAS: his legacy to one who
KJV: and in equity; yet to a man that hath not laboured
INT: knowledge and skill to one not has labored

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