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šā·mên — 4 Occurrences

Judges 3:29
HEB: אִ֔ישׁ כָּל־ שָׁמֵ֖ן וְכָל־ אִ֣ישׁ
NAS: Moabites, all robust and valiant men;
KJV: men, all lusty, and all men
INT: men all robust all one

1 Chronicles 4:40
HEB: וַֽיִּמְצְא֤וּ מִרְעֶה֙ שָׁמֵ֣ן וָט֔וֹב וְהָאָ֙רֶץ֙
NAS: They found rich and good pasture,
KJV: And they found fat pasture and good,
INT: found pasture rich and good and the land

Ezekiel 34:14
HEB: טּ֔וֹב וּמִרְעֶ֥ה שָׁמֵ֛ן תִּרְעֶ֖ינָה אֶל־
NAS: and feed in rich pasture
KJV: fold, and [in] a fat pasture
INT: good pasture rich and feed on

Habakkuk 1:16
HEB: כִּ֤י בָהֵ֙מָּה֙ שָׁמֵ֣ן חֶלְק֔וֹ וּמַאֲכָל֖וֹ
NAS: their catch is large, And their food
KJV: their portion [is] fat, and their meat
INT: Because these is large their catch and their food

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