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sā·la‘ — 4 Occurrences

Job 39:1
HEB: לֶ֣דֶת יַעֲלֵי־ סָ֑לַע חֹלֵ֖ל אַיָּל֣וֹת
KJV: when the wild goats of the rock bring forth?
INT: give goats of the rock the calving the hinds

Jeremiah 23:29
HEB: וּכְפַטִּ֖ישׁ יְפֹ֥צֵֽץ סָֽלַע׃ ס
NAS: which shatters a rock?
KJV: [that] breaketh the rock in pieces?
INT: A hammer pieces the rock

Ezekiel 24:8
HEB: עַל־ צְחִ֣יחַ סָ֑לַע לְבִלְתִּ֖י הִכָּסֽוֹת׃
NAS: on the bare rock, That it may not be covered.
KJV: upon the top of a rock, that it should not be covered.
INT: on the bare rock that it may not be covered

Ezekiel 26:4
HEB: אוֹתָ֖הּ לִצְחִ֥יחַ סָֽלַע׃
NAS: from her and make her a bare rock.
KJV: her like the top of a rock.
INT: her and make her a bare rock

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