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qə·rō·ḇāh — 6 Occurrences

Genesis 19:20
HEB: הָעִ֨יר הַזֹּ֧את קְרֹבָ֛ה לָנ֥וּס שָׁ֖מָּה
NAS: town is near [enough] to flee
KJV: Behold now, this city [is] near to flee
INT: town likewise is near flee there

1 Kings 8:46
HEB: רְחוֹקָ֖ה א֥וֹ קְרוֹבָֽה׃
NAS: far off or near;
KJV: of the enemy, far or near;
INT: far or near

2 Chronicles 6:36
HEB: רְחוֹקָ֖ה א֥וֹ קְרוֹבָֽה׃
NAS: far off or near,
KJV: unto a land far off or near;
INT: far or near

Psalm 22:11
HEB: כִּי־ צָרָ֣ה קְרוֹבָ֑ה כִּי־ אֵ֥ין
NAS: from me, for trouble is near; For there is none
KJV: from me; for trouble [is] near; for [there is] none to help.
INT: for trouble is near For there

Proverbs 10:14
HEB: אֱ֝וִיל מְחִתָּ֥ה קְרֹבָֽה׃
NAS: of the foolish, ruin is at hand.
KJV: of the foolish [is] near destruction.
INT: of the foolish ruin hand

Isaiah 56:1
HEB: צְדָקָ֑ה כִּֽי־ קְרוֹבָ֤ה יְשֽׁוּעָתִי֙ לָב֔וֹא
NAS: For My salvation is about to come
KJV: for my salvation [is] near to come,
INT: righteousness for is about my salvation to come

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