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hal·’êl — 3 Occurrences

Job 13:7
HEB: הַ֭לְאֵל תְּדַבְּר֣וּ עַוְלָ֑ה
NAS: what is unjust for God, And speak
KJV: wickedly for God? and talk
INT: God speak wickedly

Job 21:22
HEB: הַלְאֵ֥ל יְלַמֶּד־ דָּ֑עַת
NAS: Can anyone teach God knowledge,
KJV: Shall [any] teach God knowledge?
INT: God teach knowledge

Job 22:2
HEB: הַלְאֵ֥ל יִסְכָּן־ גָּ֑בֶר
NAS: be of use to God, Or
KJV: be profitable unto God, as
INT: to God use man

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