7105. qatsiyr
Strong's Concordance
qatsiyr: bough
Original Word: קָצִיר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: qatsiyr
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-tseer')
Short Definition: bough
I. קָצִיר noun masculineJeremiah 8:20 harvesting, harvest (compare LagBN 173); — absolute ׳ק Genesis 45:6 +, construct קְצִיר Judges 15:1 +; suffix קְצִירְךָ Leviticus 19:9 +, etc.; — harvest:

1 process of harvesting, Genesis 45:6 (E; + חָרִישׁ), Ruth 2:21.

2 what is reaped, harvested, crop, specifically of grain: Genesis 8:22 (+זֶרַע; J), Isaiah 17:11 (figurative; compare נוד; "" זֶרַע), יְאֹר ׳ק Isaiah 23:3 ("" id.) i.e. exported grain of Egypt; חִטִּים ׳קְ Exodus 34:22 (JE), insert also 2 Samuel 24:15 (ᵐ5 Th We Dr and others), ׳לֶקֶט ק Leviticus 19:9; b Leviticus 23:22 b; ׳ק as eaten Jeremiah 5:17; Job 5:5 (but read here קָֽצְרוּ ᵐ5 Me Bu and others, compare BevJphil. xxvi. 304); as accusative of congnate meaning with verb with קָצַר 1 Samuel 8:12; Deuteronomy 24:19; Leviticus 19:9a; Leviticus 23:10 (twice in verse); Leviticus 23:22 a ׳סְפִיחַ ק Leviticus 25:5 (all H), חִטִּים ׳קְ 1 Samuel 6:13; of ripe grain Isaiah 1:11 (שָׂדֶה ׳קְ), Isaiah 4:13 (׳בָּשַׁל ק); figurative of punishment Hosea 6:11; of vintage Isaiah 16:9 ("" קַיִץ; read probably בָּצִיר as "" Jeremiah 48:32, BuhlLex 13).

3 time of harvest, Exodus 34:21 (+ חָרִישׁ; J E), 2 Samuel 21:10 (2 Samuel 23:13 read הַצּוּר as "" 1 Chronicles 11:15, so ᵐ5L for Lucian Th We and most), Isaiah 9:2 (simile), Isaiah 18:5 (figurative), Jeremiah 5:24, "" קַיִץ Jeremiah 8:20; Proverbs 6:8; Proverbs 10:5; Proverbs 26:1 (simile); opposed to חרֶף Proverbs 20:4; ׳יְמֵי ק Joshua 3:21 (JE), 2 Samuel 21:9 a ׳יוֺם ק Proverbs 25:13 (simile), ׳עֵח(הַֿ) ק Jeremiah 50:16; Jeremiah 51:33 (figurative); of wheatharvest, חִטִּים ׳יְמֵי קְ Genesis 30:14 (J), Judges 15:1, without יְמֵי Ruth 2:23 b, הַיּוֺם ׳חֿ׳הֲלוֺא קְ 1 Samuel 12:17; barley harvest, (הַ)שְׂצֹרִים ׳קְ 2 Samuel 21:9b Ruth 1:22; Ruth 2:23a; Isaiah 18:4; חֹם קָצִיר Isaiah 18:4; ׳חַג הַקּ Exodus 23:16 (E). On harvest in Palestine see VogelstLandwirthsch. 57 ff. HaymanSmith DB AGRICULTURE. — Isaiah 17:5 read קֹצֵר, see קָצִר.

II. קָצִיר noun masculineIsaiah 27:11 usually collective, boughs, branches (connection with above √ dubious); — absolute ׳ק Job 14:9; suffix קְצִירִי Job 29:19 (in figurative; "" שֹׁרֶשׁ), קְצִירוֺ Job 18:16 (figurative; "" id.); קְצִירָהּ Isaiah 27:11; plural sf, קְצִירֶיהָ Psalm 80:12.

קְצָת see I. קצה.

קַר, קֹר see I. קרר. קִר see I. קִיר.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
bough, branch, harvest man

From qatsar; severed, i.e. Harvest (as reaped), the crop, the time, the reaper, or figuratively; also a limb (of a tree, or simply foliage) -- bough, branch, harvest (man).

see HEBREW qatsar

Forms and Transliterations
בִּקְצִירִֽי׃ בַ֝קָּצִ֗יר בַּ֝קָּצִ֗יר בַּקָּצִ֑יר בַּקָּצִ֔יר בַּקָּצִ֣יר בקציר בקצירי׃ הַקָּצִ֖יר הַקָּצִיר֙ הקציר וְ֠קָצִיר וְקָצִּֽיר׃ וּבַקָּצִ֖יר וּקְצִ֣יר ובקציר וקציר לַקָּצִ֔יר לקציר קְצִ֣יר קְצִ֥יר קְצִֽירְךָ֖ קְצִֽירְךָ֙ קְצִֽירְךָ֜ קְצִֽירְךָ֨ קְצִֽיר־ קְצִיר֔וֹ קְצִיר֨וֹ ׀ קְצִירְךָ֖ קְצִירְכֶ֖ם קְצִירֵ֖ךְ קְצִירֶ֣הָ קְצִירָ֑הּ קְצִירָהּ֙ קְצִירֽוֹ׃ קְצִיר־ קָצִ֑יר קָצִ֔יר קָצִ֖יר קָצִ֗יר קָצִ֛יר קָצִ֣יר קָצִֽיר׃ קָצִיר֙ קציר קציר־ קציר׃ קצירה קצירו קצירו׃ קצירך קצירכם bakkaTzir baq·qā·ṣîr ḇaq·qā·ṣîr baqqāṣîr ḇaqqāṣîr biktziRi biq·ṣî·rî biqṣîrî hakkaTzir haq·qā·ṣîr haqqāṣîr kaTzir ketzir ketziRah ketziRech ketzireCha ketzireChem ketziReha ketziRo lakkaTzir laq·qā·ṣîr laqqāṣîr qā·ṣîr qāṣîr qə·ṣî·rāh qə·ṣî·re·hā qə·ṣî·rə·ḵā qə·ṣî·rə·ḵem qə·ṣî·rêḵ qə·ṣî·rōw qə·ṣîr qə·ṣîr- qəṣîr qəṣîr- qəṣîrāh qəṣîrehā qəṣîrêḵ qəṣîrəḵā qəṣîrəḵem qəṣîrōw ū·ḇaq·qā·ṣîr ū·qə·ṣîr ūḇaqqāṣîr ukeTzir ūqəṣîr uvakkaTzir vakkaTzir Vekatzir vekatzTzir wə·qā·ṣîr wə·qāṣ·ṣîr wəqāṣîr wəqāṣṣîr
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 7105
54 Occurrences

baq·qā·ṣîr — 4 Occ.
biq·ṣî·rî — 1 Occ.
haq·qā·ṣîr — 3 Occ.
qā·ṣîr — 15 Occ.
qə·ṣîr- — 12 Occ.
qə·ṣî·rāh — 2 Occ.
qə·ṣî·rêḵ — 1 Occ.
qə·ṣî·rə·ḵā — 5 Occ.
qə·ṣî·rə·ḵem — 1 Occ.
qə·ṣî·re·hā — 1 Occ.
qə·ṣî·rōw — 3 Occ.
laq·qā·ṣîr — 1 Occ.
ū·qə·ṣîr — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇaq·qā·ṣîr — 1 Occ.
ḇaq·qā·ṣîr — 1 Occ.
wə·qā·ṣîr — 1 Occ.
wə·qāṣ·ṣîr — 1 Occ.

Genesis 8:22
HEB: הָאָ֑רֶץ זֶ֡רַע וְ֠קָצִיר וְקֹ֨ר וָחֹ֜ם
NAS: Seedtime and harvest, And cold
KJV: seedtime and harvest, and cold
INT: the earth Seedtime and harvest and cold and heat

Genesis 30:14
HEB: רְאוּבֵ֜ן בִּימֵ֣י קְצִיר־ חִטִּ֗ים וַיִּמְצָ֤א
NAS: of wheat harvest Reuben
KJV: of wheat harvest, and found
INT: Reuben the days harvest of wheat and found

Genesis 45:6
HEB: אֵין־ חָרִ֖ישׁ וְקָצִּֽיר׃
NAS: plowing nor harvesting.
KJV: [be] earing nor harvest.
INT: there plowing harvesting

Exodus 23:16
HEB: וְחַ֤ג הַקָּצִיר֙ בִּכּוּרֵ֣י מַעֲשֶׂ֔יךָ
NAS: Also [you shall observe] the Feast of the Harvest [of] the first fruits
KJV: And the feast of harvest, the firstfruits
INT: the Feast of the Harvest the first of your labors

Exodus 34:21
HEB: תִּשְׁבֹּ֑ת בֶּחָרִ֥ישׁ וּבַקָּצִ֖יר תִּשְׁבֹּֽת׃
NAS: [even] during plowing time and harvest you shall rest.
KJV: in earing time and in harvest thou shalt rest.
INT: shall rest plowing and harvest shall rest

Exodus 34:22
HEB: לְךָ֔ בִּכּוּרֵ֖י קְצִ֣יר חִטִּ֑ים וְחַג֙
NAS: of the wheat harvest, and the Feast
KJV: of wheat harvest, and the feast
INT: shall celebrate the first harvest of the wheat and the Feast

Leviticus 19:9
HEB: וּֽבְקֻצְרְכֶם֙ אֶת־ קְצִ֣יר אַרְצְכֶ֔ם לֹ֧א
NAS: Now when you reap the harvest of your land,
KJV: And when ye reap the harvest of your land,
INT: reap the harvest of your land nor

Leviticus 19:9
HEB: לִקְצֹ֑ר וְלֶ֥קֶט קְצִֽירְךָ֖ לֹ֥א תְלַקֵּֽט׃
NAS: the gleanings of your harvest.
KJV: the gleanings of thy harvest.
INT: Sheba the gleanings of your harvest nor gather

Leviticus 23:10
HEB: וּקְצַרְתֶּ֖ם אֶת־ קְצִירָ֑הּ וַהֲבֵאתֶ֥ם אֶת־
NAS: to you and reap its harvest, then you shall bring
KJV: unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof, then ye shall bring
INT: to give and reap harvest shall bring the sheaf

Leviticus 23:10
HEB: עֹ֛מֶר רֵאשִׁ֥ית קְצִירְכֶ֖ם אֶל־ הַכֹּהֵֽן׃
NAS: of the first fruits of your harvest to the priest.
KJV: of the firstfruits of your harvest unto the priest:
INT: the sheaf of the first of your harvest to the priest

Leviticus 23:22
HEB: וּֽבְקֻצְרְכֶ֞ם אֶת־ קְצִ֣יר אַרְצְכֶ֗ם לֹֽא־
NAS: When you reap the harvest of your land,
KJV: And when ye reap the harvest of your land,
INT: reap the harvest of your land nor

Leviticus 23:22
HEB: בְּקֻצְרֶ֔ךָ וְלֶ֥קֶט קְצִירְךָ֖ לֹ֣א תְלַקֵּ֑ט
NAS: the gleaning of your harvest; you are to leave
KJV: any gleaning of thy harvest: thou shalt leave
INT: reap the gleaning of your harvest nor gather

Leviticus 25:5
HEB: אֵ֣ת סְפִ֤יחַ קְצִֽירְךָ֙ לֹ֣א תִקְצ֔וֹר
NAS: Your harvest's aftergrowth
KJV: That which groweth of its own accord of thy harvest thou shalt not reap,
INT: aftergrowth your harvest's shall not reap

Deuteronomy 24:19
HEB: כִּ֣י תִקְצֹר֩ קְצִֽירְךָ֨ בְשָׂדֶ֜ךָ וְשָֽׁכַחְתָּ֧
NAS: you reap your harvest in your field
KJV: When thou cuttest down thine harvest in thy field,
INT: When reap your harvest your field forgotten

Joshua 3:15
HEB: כֹּ֖ל יְמֵ֥י קָצִֽיר׃
NAS: all the days of harvest),
KJV: all the time of harvest,)
INT: all the days bough

Judges 15:1
HEB: מִיָּמִ֜ים בִּימֵ֣י קְצִיר־ חִטִּ֗ים וַיִּפְקֹ֨ד
NAS: of wheat harvest, Samson
KJV: of wheat harvest, that Samson
INT: A while the time harvest of wheat visited

Ruth 1:22
HEB: לֶ֔חֶם בִּתְחִלַּ֖ת קְצִ֥יר שְׂעֹרִֽים׃
NAS: at the beginning of barley harvest.
KJV: in the beginning of barley harvest.
INT: to Bethlehem the beginning harvest of barley

Ruth 2:21
HEB: אֵ֥ת כָּל־ הַקָּצִ֖יר אֲשֶׁר־ לִֽי׃
NAS: they have finished all my harvest.'
KJV: until they have ended all my harvest.
INT: have finished all my harvest after

Ruth 2:23
HEB: עַד־ כְּל֥וֹת קְצִֽיר־ הַשְּׂעֹרִ֖ים וּקְצִ֣יר
NAS: of the barley harvest and the wheat
KJV: of barley harvest and of wheat
INT: until the end harvest of the barley harvest

Ruth 2:23
HEB: קְצִֽיר־ הַשְּׂעֹרִ֖ים וּקְצִ֣יר הַֽחִטִּ֑ים וַתֵּ֖שֶׁב
NAS: and the wheat harvest. And she lived
KJV: and of wheat harvest; and dwelt
INT: harvest of the barley harvest and the wheat lived

1 Samuel 6:13
HEB: שֶׁ֔מֶשׁ קֹצְרִ֥ים קְצִיר־ חִטִּ֖ים בָּעֵ֑מֶק
NAS: their wheat harvest in the valley,
KJV: their wheat harvest in the valley:
INT: Beth-shemesh were reaping harvest their wheat the valley

1 Samuel 8:12
HEB: חֲרִישׁוֹ֙ וְלִקְצֹ֣ר קְצִיר֔וֹ וְלַעֲשׂ֥וֹת כְּלֵֽי־
NAS: and to reap his harvest and to make
KJV: and to reap his harvest, and to make
INT: his plowing reap his harvest make his weapons

1 Samuel 12:17
HEB: הֲל֤וֹא קְצִיר־ חִטִּים֙ הַיּ֔וֹם
NAS: Is it not the wheat harvest today?
KJV: [Is it] not wheat harvest to day?
INT: not harvest the wheat age

2 Samuel 21:9
HEB: הֻמְת֜וּ בִּימֵ֤י קָצִיר֙ בָּרִ֣אשֹׁנִ֔ים [תְחִלַּת
NAS: days of harvest at the beginning
KJV: in the days of harvest, in the first
INT: were put days of harvest the first Tachmonite

2 Samuel 21:9
HEB: (בִּתְחִלַּ֖ת ק) קְצִ֥יר שְׂעֹרִֽים׃
NAS: at the beginning of barley harvest.
KJV: of barley harvest.
INT: the first Tachmonite harvest of barley

54 Occurrences

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