913. bedil
Strong's Concordance
bedil: alloy, tin, dross
Original Word: בְּדִיל
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: bedil
Phonetic Spelling: (bed-eel')
Short Definition: tin
בְּדִיל noun [masculine] alloy, tin, dross (originally that which is separated from precious metal; compare PlinHist. Nat. xxiv. 16, xxxiii. 9) — ׳בּ absolute Numbers 31:22 4t.; Plural suffix בְּדִילָ֑יִךְ Isaiah 1:25; —

1 alloy, Isaiah 1:25 figurative of evil of Jerusalem, which ׳י will remove (הֵסִיר; "" סִגָ֑יִךְ).

2 tin (plumbum album) Numbers 31:22 (P; + זָהָב, כֶּסֶף, נְחשֶׁת, בַּרְזֶל, עֹפָ֑רֶת); figurative of Israel Ezekiel 22:18 (+ נְחשֶׁת, בַּרְזֶל, עוֺפֶרֶת); in simile Ezekiel 22:20 (+ id. + כֶּסֶף); as article of commerce brought to Tyre from Tarshish Ezekiel 27:12 (+ כֶּסֶף, בַּרְזֶל, עוֺפֶרֶת).

3 plummet, הָאֶבֶן הַבְּדִיל (appositive) Zechariah 4:10.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
plummet, tin

From badal; alloy (because removed by smelting); by analogy, tin -- + plummet, tin.

see HEBREW badal

Forms and Transliterations
בְּדִ֣יל בְּדִילָֽיִךְ׃ בדיל בדיליך׃ הַבְּדִ֖יל הַבְּדִ֛יל הבדיל וּבְדִ֨יל וּבְדִיל֙ ובדיל bə·ḏî·lā·yiḵ bə·ḏîl beDil bəḏîl bediLayich bəḏîlāyiḵ hab·bə·ḏîl habbeDil habbəḏîl ū·ḇə·ḏîl ūḇəḏîl uveDil
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 913
6 Occurrences

bə·ḏîl — 1 Occ.
bə·ḏî·lā·yiḵ — 1 Occ.
hab·bə·ḏîl — 2 Occ.
ū·ḇə·ḏîl — 2 Occ.

Numbers 31:22
HEB: הַבַּרְזֶ֔ל אֶֽת־ הַבְּדִ֖יל וְאֶת־ הָעֹפָֽרֶת׃
NAS: the iron, the tin and the lead,
KJV: the iron, the tin, and the lead,
INT: the bronze the iron the tin and the lead

Isaiah 1:25
HEB: וְאָסִ֖ירָה כָּל־ בְּדִילָֽיִךְ׃
NAS: And will remove all your alloy.
KJV: thy dross, and take away all thy tin:
INT: and will remove all your alloy

Ezekiel 22:18
HEB: כֻּלָּ֡ם נְ֠חֹשֶׁת וּבְדִ֨יל וּבַרְזֶ֤ל וְעוֹפֶ֙רֶת֙
NAS: of them are bronze and tin and iron
KJV: all they [are] brass, and tin, and iron,
INT: all are bronze and tin and iron and lead

Ezekiel 22:20
HEB: וּבַרְזֶ֨ל וְעוֹפֶ֤רֶת וּבְדִיל֙ אֶל־ תּ֣וֹךְ
NAS: and lead and tin into the furnace
KJV: and lead, and tin, into the midst
INT: and iron and lead and tin into the midst

Ezekiel 27:12
HEB: בְּכֶ֤סֶף בַּרְזֶל֙ בְּדִ֣יל וְעוֹפֶ֔רֶת נָתְנ֖וּ
NAS: iron, tin and lead
KJV: iron, tin, and lead,
INT: silver iron tin and lead paid

Zechariah 4:10
HEB: אֶת־ הָאֶ֧בֶן הַבְּדִ֛יל בְּיַ֥ד זְרֻבָּבֶ֖ל
NAS: when they see the plumb line
INT: see stones plummet the hand of Zerubbabel

6 Occurrences

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