39. Abimael
Strong's Concordance
Abimael: "a father is El," a son of Joktan, also his desc.
Original Word: אֲבִימָאֵל
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine
Transliteration: Abimael
Phonetic Spelling: (ab-ee-maw-ale')
Short Definition: Abimael
אֲבִימָאֵל proper name, masculine (a father is El; South-Arabic name) son of Joktan Genesis 10:28; 1 Chronicles 1:22. compare Sabean אבמעתֿתר, Abmi ±A¾tar a father is ±A¾tar ([עשׁתר] see עַשְׁתֹּרֶת) HalM 86, DHMZMG 1883, 18.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From 'ab and an elsewhere unused (probably foreign) word; father of Mael (apparently some Arab tribe); Abimael, a son of Joktan -- Abimael.

see HEBREW 'ab

Forms and Transliterations
אֲבִֽימָאֵ֖ל אֲבִימָאֵ֖ל אבימאל ’ă·ḇî·mā·’êl ’ăḇîmā’êl avimaEl
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 39
2 Occurrences

’ă·ḇî·mā·’êl — 2 Occ.

Genesis 10:28
HEB: עוֹבָ֥ל וְאֶת־ אֲבִֽימָאֵ֖ל וְאֶת־ שְׁבָֽא׃
NAS: and Obal and Abimael and Sheba
KJV: And Obal, and Abimael, and Sheba,
INT: and Obal and Abimael and Sheba

1 Chronicles 1:22
HEB: עֵיבָ֥ל וְאֶת־ אֲבִימָאֵ֖ל וְאֶת־ שְׁבָֽא׃
NAS: Ebal, Abimael, Sheba,
KJV: And Ebal, and Abimael, and Sheba,
INT: Ebal Abimael Sheba

2 Occurrences

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