7511. raphas
רָפַס, רָפַשׂ verb stamp, tread, foul by stamping, treading (Late Hebrew רָפַס tread, Syriac ; compare Arabic kick); —

Qal Imperfect2masculine singular וַתִּרְמֹּס Ezekiel 32:2, with accusative rivers; 2masculine plural תִּרְמּשֹׁ֑וּן Ezekiel 34:18.

Niph`al Participle מַעְיָן נִרְמָּשׂ Proverbs 25:26 a fountain befouled.

Hithpa`el (stamp oneself down, then figurative), Imperative masculine singular הִתְרַמֵּס Proverbs 6:3 humble thyself, become a suppliant (RVm Toy bestir thyself, as conjecture); Participle מִתְרַמֵּס בְּרַצֵּי כָ֑סֶף Psalm 68:31 stamping, trampling, down pieces of silver (?), obscure and probably corrupt, see conjectures in Bae and others and מַּתְרֹס above, near the end

[רְפַס] verb tread, trample (compare Biblical Hebrew (late)); —

Pe`al Participle active feminine singular בּרגיה רָֽסְפָה, with accusative of thing Daniel 7:7,19.

Forms and Transliterations
הִ֝תְרַפֵּ֗ס התרפס מִתְרַפֵּ֥ס מתרפס hiṯ·rap·pês hitrapPes hiṯrappês miṯ·rap·pês mitrapPes miṯrappês
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